Friday, May 3, 2013

The Fashion Store's Face: A Perilous Journey of Logo-making

Two weeks into planning our online fashion store and we've created an awesome logo!

Of course a logo is a must. It is vixentric's face and identity. Without it, our fashion store will suck, no matter how awesome our products will be. And so we put so much time and effort to create THE LOGO. *cue in epic music*

It was a dangerous and dreadful journey.

Our journey was something like this.

First, we started sketching some rough ideas in photoshop. This took most of our time. It was truly a rigorous and tiring process. We didn't sleep (that means we slept after). We didn't eat (that means we munched on Dunkin' Donuts). We didn't even pause for bathroom breaks (SHE didn't pause for bathroom breaks). We decided that our logo will be a small "v". This is the first letter of our brand, vixentric. My girlfriend was adamant at finding a certain font she didn't even know exists. It was mere faith that guided her.

A "V" so rare and so unique that even the greatest "font finders" have failed to discover it. And so begins the perilous journey to finding the ONE TRUE FONT. *cue in epic music* It took us many days (15 minutes) to finally find this font. We were exhilarated when we finally did. It's called...


Sorry, the master said the that the font style is classified material. Moving on...

We entered the next chapter of our logo making excursion.

We went back to the virtual drawing board that is photoshop. We decided to make the font color red because it perfectly reflects vixentric - cool, cute, and trendy. We also decided to put a black square behind the "V'' because, well, it looks classy and cool. We toyed with the blending options for quite a bit

I know it's a little crappy but hey, it's a start. We added some cool and classy font for the brand name on the bottom and just under it we put a cursive and girly font style for the tagline. I decided to make a crap out of this logo by opening it in MS Paint and putting those ugly yellow sparkles. See those white worm-looking lines on the "v"? I made those in MS Paint too.

After my girlfriend went home I decided to play with the blending options a little bit. With a little experimentation and help from a certain website, I made this:

Pretty cool eh? I think I made a decent job given my meager photoshop skills. I added a swirly pattern for the "v" just to give it that glamorous touch, that extra oomp! I put a vixentric pattern on the black square too make it look like a classy photoshoot backdrop.

And there you have it folks. The long and perilous journey towards our awesome (?) online fashion store logo has come to a great end. It took us a while to create it but for an online store that showcases the latest fashion trends, it's fair trade I must say.

What do you think? Is our logo cool enough for you? :)


UPDATE: Some photos went AWOL! 

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