Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fashion Turnaround: Major Re-branding!

Major rebranding people! We've changed our online fashion store's name from vixentric to frolic hearts!

Our previous logo and brand sound a little to wild or feisty for our style. Vixentric was a little too serious and dark for our cute and trendy theme. It may be beautiful (at least for me) but our previous logo doesn't really exude and aura of cuteness right? So yesterday we decided to change the name and logo of our brand. It was very stressful but I think it's worth it. Look!

Our brand's vision is more inclined to cute and fun clothes just like this: 

Cute. Fun. Trendy

 Here's another photo of how our we want our products to look like:
Pretty cute eh?
We also have to change the name of our twitter account (follow us!), our Wordpress blog, and our Facebook page. It was weird because I was so stressed yesterday but I felt good at the same time and now, I just feel good!
Pretty cute eh? Yup, just the kind (and quality) of lady's apparel we're after - cute and trendy.

We've also added a tagline: Where fun and fashion intertwine.

Well that's it for now, I'll post blog for an update.

How about you? Have you done some drastic last minute changes like I did? I certainly did with this one though it's better to just laugh it off.

3 insights:

I love the style of clothes you're going for, and the logo redesign... definitely more lighthearted!

Haha. Thanks! I'm not really that fashion-inclined but I do like to see girls in pretty clothes. :)

Thanks for dropping my blog:

Anyway, I'm interested in fashion as well. :)

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