have fun and at the same time, make a statement

Frolic Hearts: where fun and fashion intertwine ♥

make the simplest outfit stand out.

Frolic Hearts: where fun and fashion intertwine ♥

Mix playfulness with sophistication

Frolic Hearts: where fun and fashion intertwine ♥

Catch people's attention with these fun outfits

Frolic Hearts: where fun and fashion intertwine ♥

Be cute. Be fun. Be trendy.

Frolic Hearts: where fun and fashion intertwine ♥

Friday, May 31, 2013

A Few Samples

Here's a few things from our first collection!

Skater skirts could go from casual to sexy, as long as you know your tops.

This is one of my favorite photos showing a sleeveless Black dress with Heart patterns. 

Back-to-School Preparations!

I know the title seemed vague for all those who're taking their finals right now, but I assure you here in the Philippines, the school year is just about to start. And what better way to start a new school year than with a new look?
Of course, being Frolic Hearts, we had grabbed the opportunity to attract more people to our store and as a result, we have a BACK-TO-SCHOOL PROMO for you guys!

These kind of promos are necessary if you want to survive in an industry such as this. First of all, being a new entry, nobody really knows you except those people you call friends (I honestly think they are the business life starters). These people will help you build business credibility BUT  you just can't depend on them if you want your business to grow. You need buyers outside of your networks. You need friends of friends and even friends of friends of friends! Another reason why you should create promos such as this is because it's a great way for the public to see the personality of the store. What kind of promos you engage in really reflects what kind of image you want the store to project. And lastly, lower prices and a probability to win something appeals to all these consumers. I mean honestly, who does not want to win a competition or promo?

So there you have it: Promos appeal to buyers, showcase personality, and attract a larger web of potential customers. But of course, you have to be clear in what you want the participants to do and even clearer in letting them know what is in it for them, because it really all boils down to the question: What would I get if I join?
Here's a glimpse of hoe effective promos are in building audience. Two days after releasing the promo, our likes increased by around 25% and our audience reach expanded by around 35-38%. See!

How about you? What kind of promos do you enjoy participating in? Or have you ever heard/joined a particularly quirky promo?

On a happy side note, WE HAD OUR FIRST SALE TODAY! well, yesterday if you're time conscious. But still. Haha. I am so excited! This pair of shorts was our first sale. Hoping for more sales in the future!

lots of love,

This is it!

After all these talks, plans, pictures, and even tips on women's apparel, it's finally out:
Our FIRST EVER COLLECTION! (with matching all caps + bold + exclamation point)

It still seems quite surreal. Even when we had created this blog and launched our official facebook page which btw you just have to check it out,  it had all seem like a far away dream, a business for the future. But I guess this is it; this is finally it. This is the point of no return (dun dun duuuuun).  But kidding aside, we are finally releasing and showing everybody what Frolic Hearts is all about!

For a girl, I'm having a hard time right now letting go of some of the clothes. You could imagine the joy I felt as we bought the clothes for Frolic Hearts - clothes everywhere and the money to buy them! And then came the photoshoot. We had some minor problems over the pictures, problems that deserve a separate and sole post - that kind of problems.

We had some other trivial bumps getting here, but we're learning, relearning and getting more awesome along the way. Our pictures even reflect the awesomeness of Frolic Hearts. I know this is kinda cheesy but I'd have never done this if it weren't for Yesh. I salute all those people who started their business on their own, as in completely alone.

But as we're waiting for the perfect time to release the collection (though I'm quite sure by the time you've read this, we have already released it), all those issues seem far in the past and silly. I'm feeling happy, excited, anxious, scared and a whole lot of emotions but never regret. Best. Summer. Decision. Ever.

How about you? What was the best summer decision you have ever made?

Reese :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Get to know us. I command you!

Fashion is anyone’s game and everyone is a hero and an enemy of each other. As we look at the people around us, we could not help but form judgments based on their external features. We are impressed by impeccable taste, displeased by clashing carelessly strewn get ups, and indifferent towards neutral every day wear. Fashion in itself is another way of communication - I have a business presentation today. I can’t wait to meet him! Would she say yes? Today is a happy day. Back off. It is for this reason that fashion has become part of the top most important industries of today.

An obvious fact: people wear clothes. An equally obvious inference: people buy clothes to wear.

Such simple logic has pushed thousands of people to join the fashion industry, provide their own definition of a “fashion statement”, and make money out of it. But creating a clothing store is not only about starting a business that would someday run itself. It also translates to understanding the latest fashion trends and the needs of the customer- what makes a certain trend click? what makes a certain fashion tic? What would make YOU look for a second time? Or better yet, what would make you try it on?

Frolic Hearts is an aspiring online fashion store for the cute and trendy lady, like you. We pride ourselves with collections of affordable and high-quality women’s apparel that we know you will surely love. Frolic Hearts is THE place where fun and fashion intertwine.

<3 Reese

That's what she said. *insert if-you-know-what-I-mean meme here*

Or decently put, that's what my girlfriend said.

Frolic Hearts is THE result of our combined mental prowess. I put emphasis in 'THE" because it is that of a big deal to us; it's our first business endeavor! And we would really like this one to be a success.

Reese (though I prefer to call her Therese - that's her real name) is the l'amour de ma vie and my partner in crime. She’s behind the organization of various “stuff” such as money and inventory. We do all those “stuff” in MS Excel. I am comfortable with MS Excel but Therese knows the freakin’ program like…well…she just knows more about it than me. I just pitch in a little to help.

On the other hand, I do the artsy part of the online store. I made the Frolic Hearts logo (the whole ordeal can be found here and here) though Therese chipped in during the conceptualization. I also moderate this blog and do all the designing and editing and almost all of the blogging. I also manage two more blogs: With Cherry On The Freakin' Top and The Online Excursion. You may check them out if you want to. It's not that I want you to check them out. I mean, it's okay if you want to but I'm not forcing you...

Aaaaand I just forgot to introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Yesh, nice to meet you!

Well. That’s Frolic Hearts and that’s us. We hope you’ll join us in this awesomely awesome fashion excursion.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fashion Turnaround: Major Re-branding!

Major rebranding people! We've changed our online fashion store's name from vixentric to frolic hearts!

Our previous logo and brand sound a little to wild or feisty for our style. Vixentric was a little too serious and dark for our cute and trendy theme. It may be beautiful (at least for me) but our previous logo doesn't really exude and aura of cuteness right? So yesterday we decided to change the name and logo of our brand. It was very stressful but I think it's worth it. Look!

Our brand's vision is more inclined to cute and fun clothes just like this: 

Cute. Fun. Trendy

 Here's another photo of how our we want our products to look like:
Pretty cute eh?
We also have to change the name of our twitter account (follow us!), our Wordpress blog, and our Facebook page. It was weird because I was so stressed yesterday but I felt good at the same time and now, I just feel good!
Pretty cute eh? Yup, just the kind (and quality) of lady's apparel we're after - cute and trendy.

We've also added a tagline: Where fun and fashion intertwine.

Well that's it for now, I'll post blog for an update.

How about you? Have you done some drastic last minute changes like I did? I certainly did with this one though it's better to just laugh it off.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Fashion Store's Face: A Perilous Journey of Logo-making

Two weeks into planning our online fashion store and we've created an awesome logo!

Of course a logo is a must. It is vixentric's face and identity. Without it, our fashion store will suck, no matter how awesome our products will be. And so we put so much time and effort to create THE LOGO. *cue in epic music*

It was a dangerous and dreadful journey.

Our journey was something like this.

First, we started sketching some rough ideas in photoshop. This took most of our time. It was truly a rigorous and tiring process. We didn't sleep (that means we slept after). We didn't eat (that means we munched on Dunkin' Donuts). We didn't even pause for bathroom breaks (SHE didn't pause for bathroom breaks). We decided that our logo will be a small "v". This is the first letter of our brand, vixentric. My girlfriend was adamant at finding a certain font she didn't even know exists. It was mere faith that guided her.

A "V" so rare and so unique that even the greatest "font finders" have failed to discover it. And so begins the perilous journey to finding the ONE TRUE FONT. *cue in epic music* It took us many days (15 minutes) to finally find this font. We were exhilarated when we finally did. It's called...


Sorry, the master said the that the font style is classified material. Moving on...

We entered the next chapter of our logo making excursion.

We went back to the virtual drawing board that is photoshop. We decided to make the font color red because it perfectly reflects vixentric - cool, cute, and trendy. We also decided to put a black square behind the "V'' because, well, it looks classy and cool. We toyed with the blending options for quite a bit

I know it's a little crappy but hey, it's a start. We added some cool and classy font for the brand name on the bottom and just under it we put a cursive and girly font style for the tagline. I decided to make a crap out of this logo by opening it in MS Paint and putting those ugly yellow sparkles. See those white worm-looking lines on the "v"? I made those in MS Paint too.

After my girlfriend went home I decided to play with the blending options a little bit. With a little experimentation and help from a certain website, I made this:

Pretty cool eh? I think I made a decent job given my meager photoshop skills. I added a swirly pattern for the "v" just to give it that glamorous touch, that extra oomp! I put a vixentric pattern on the black square too make it look like a classy photoshoot backdrop.

And there you have it folks. The long and perilous journey towards our awesome (?) online fashion store logo has come to a great end. It took us a while to create it but for an online store that showcases the latest fashion trends, it's fair trade I must say.

What do you think? Is our logo cool enough for you? :)


UPDATE: Some photos went AWOL! 


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