Friday, May 31, 2013

Back-to-School Preparations!

I know the title seemed vague for all those who're taking their finals right now, but I assure you here in the Philippines, the school year is just about to start. And what better way to start a new school year than with a new look?
Of course, being Frolic Hearts, we had grabbed the opportunity to attract more people to our store and as a result, we have a BACK-TO-SCHOOL PROMO for you guys!

These kind of promos are necessary if you want to survive in an industry such as this. First of all, being a new entry, nobody really knows you except those people you call friends (I honestly think they are the business life starters). These people will help you build business credibility BUT  you just can't depend on them if you want your business to grow. You need buyers outside of your networks. You need friends of friends and even friends of friends of friends! Another reason why you should create promos such as this is because it's a great way for the public to see the personality of the store. What kind of promos you engage in really reflects what kind of image you want the store to project. And lastly, lower prices and a probability to win something appeals to all these consumers. I mean honestly, who does not want to win a competition or promo?

So there you have it: Promos appeal to buyers, showcase personality, and attract a larger web of potential customers. But of course, you have to be clear in what you want the participants to do and even clearer in letting them know what is in it for them, because it really all boils down to the question: What would I get if I join?
Here's a glimpse of hoe effective promos are in building audience. Two days after releasing the promo, our likes increased by around 25% and our audience reach expanded by around 35-38%. See!

How about you? What kind of promos do you enjoy participating in? Or have you ever heard/joined a particularly quirky promo?

On a happy side note, WE HAD OUR FIRST SALE TODAY! well, yesterday if you're time conscious. But still. Haha. I am so excited! This pair of shorts was our first sale. Hoping for more sales in the future!

lots of love,

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